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Makoto Katahira - Japan

Makoto Katahira - Japan

Before introducing you Makoto, I (Aras) want to add a quick note here: Makoto is our very first customer. It meant a lot for us to see our first order placed from Japan, such a special country. Thank you Makoto.

It's been 22 years since I started living with Defender.
The first 18 years were spent with a Land Rover 50th Anniversary V8 petrol 90SW, and the next four years with this 2.2Tdci 110 Hardtop.
The reason I switched was because I heard that Land Rover was discontinuing production of the Defender.  I ordered the car from Solihull in 2014, and it didn't arrive in Japan until two years later in 2016.
In the winter, I go to the snowy mountains for back country snowboarding every weekend.
I chose the hardtop because I have a lot of gear and equipment to load, and often sleep in my car. This car is like a mobile baseto enrich my life and enhance my outdoor life.

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