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Daniel - Germany

Daniel - Germany

My name is Daniel, I am 36 years old and live in Germany. 
I have a long time the dream of owning a Defender and travel around Europe. 
My Defender story began 2008 with a 90 tdi but ended very fast with a broken gearbox and job lose because of the financial crisis 2008, so I changed the gearbox and sold the 90.

A long time later I still have the wish to buy one and travel with it, so I started to look for a 110 hardtop in 2018 and found one in January 2019, it is an older full build by the German company Custom Campers but it has everything I wanted ( if I am properly informed it was their first Defender they fully built as they started their business).

The 110 was 20 years old so I have to changed, upgraded and powder-coated many parts in the first weeks, after all this work I started some short road trips to test everything and then in summer I had 5 weeks free from work and the first big road trip to Norway/Northcape/Sweden started and it was great I loved it and after this I really realized it is what I was dreaming of, so  many other road trips were started and much more still on the to do list!

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