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Guillermo - Costa Rica

Guillermo - Costa Rica

Hi everyone!

My name is Guillermo from Costa Rica.  Since I was a child I have been passionate about Land Rover, it is part of my life and I do not think it will stop being it.

I have owned Apollo for 12 yearsI'll tell you a little about it.

It is a classic Range Rover V8 3.5 EFI.

The name Apolo comes from the Greek mythology of the god Apollo or Apolo. Among the many gifts of Apollo, archery is an outstanding one. It is capable of hitting any target it sets itself.

I plan the routes for Apolo and he reaches them without problem, of course full of adventures and good friends.

Furthermore, Apolo is the God of Light, so for him to bring light where there is none is not a problem.

Apollo is a vehicle for daily use on weekdays and outdoors on weekends, thanks to the comfort, safety, and off-road capabilities that it has.

I invite all of you to visit the Gods & Rovers page, there you will find incredible products of the highest quality for your adventures in your Land Rovers. (thank you Guillermo!)

And by the way, you only have one life, live it!


Want to be featured on Gods & Rovers? Simply, let us know about you and your Overlander / Offroader (history, specifications, upgrades if any etc.) and attach some images (2-5) of your vehicle (would be great if you include a photo of yourself with your vehicle!) Send an email:

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